September 2010

Aims and Scope:
VOICES is the official publication of the Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA), a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It is published annually by AFA and is available for download on the AFA website ( We seek to provide a forum for the exploration of feminist theorization, reflection, application, and activism across the four-fields and beyond. Work published in VOICES comes from emerging scholars, founding mothers, and activists outside of academia. Work published in the journal includes research articles, short commentaries and personal reflections, research reports, interviews, and other innovative formats.

Each issue is theme-based and most submissions are by invitation. However, if you would like to submit a proposal for an issue theme or request an article for consideration please contact the Editor at All submissions (including invited articles) are reviewed by the editorial board. VOICES does not have a double-blind peer review process, however the Editorial board has the right to make recommendations for revisions and to reject a piece if the author is unwilling to revise accordingly.

Editorial Board
VOICES is guided by the President of the Association of Feminist Anthropology and the AFA Executive Board. The AFA Executive Board appoints the members of the VOICES Editorial Board. The preference is to have a board that reflects at least two different fields. The Editorial Board includes:

Editor: The Editor serves a five-year term (minimum of five publications). The Editor reports to the AFA Board at the Annual Board Meeting and receives guidance in selecting the upcoming journal theme. The Editor is responsible for contacting and soliciting contributors, maintaining the publication timeline, dividing submission for editing among the associate editors, transmitting editorial suggestions to the contributors, and compiling the submissions along with other relevant information to be included in the issue.

Associate Editors: The Journal will include a minimum of three Associate Editors. The Associate Editors will be appointed from the AFA membership and will serve staggered three year-terms. The role of the Associate Editors is to review one to two submissions for each issue. The Associate Editors will provide editorial recommendations and submit these directly to the Editor.

Author Guidelines
Articles submitted to the journal should not exceed 7,000 words (most submission fall between 3,000 -6,000 words) excluding endnotes and citations. Text should be double-spaced. Please use a 12 point font for all materials, including endnotes. DO NOT use hard section or page breaks. All work must be submitted in MS-Word or Rich Text format including endnotes. In text references are cited in parentheses, with last name(s), year of publication, and, where necessary, page numbers. The reference list should be in AAA style: ordered alphabetically by author’s last name. The AAA Style Guide may be accessed through the AAA website at The author’s name, affiliation, and email address should be listed on the front page. Authors may request their email address be kept private.

Voices timeline:
Initial drafts from contributors: due March 15
Comments and edits from editorial board: July 15th
Response from contributors: August 15th
Final edit to layout: September 1st
Proof to contributors: September 15th
Publication target date: October 1st

While VOICES is an annual fall publication, occasionally we will publish an additional issue in the spring . The Spring timeline is as follows:
Initial drafts from contributors: due October 1st.
Comments and edits from editorial board: November 15th
Response from contributors: December 15th
Final edit to layout: January 5st
Proof to contributors: February 1st.
Publication target date: March 1st