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  • Feminist Anthropology: A Live Annual Review at AAA 2017

  • Using Public Space as a Political Tool in Chiapas

  • Violence in Cars, Sareeta Amrute

  • Gathering thatch for roofing, rural Guinea-Bissau (2010), Joanna Davidson


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Feminist Anthropology in an Urgent Moment: An Interview with AFA President Carla Jones

Thursday, 9 September 2018

“It is an incredibly urgent and important moment for our field. At a time when the broader public seems to be rediscovering the fact that […]

Dear Members, check out this series on Religious Difference in a Secular Age

Friday, 8 August 2018

https://tif.ssrc.org/category/exchanges/book-blog/book-forums/religious-difference-in-a-secular-age/ “The plight of religious minorities in the Middle East is often attributed to the failure of secularism to take root in the region.┬áReligious Difference […]

Don’t miss our last issue of VOICES: Spring 2018!

Saturday, 4 April 2018

It is with a mixture of joy and sadness that AFA has published its final issue of Voices. Huge, warm congratulations are due to Samantha […]