Deadline: May 31, 2021

This special issue is a provocation to think through, about, and around keywords informed by feminist sensibilities, geneaologies, histories, and presents.  Taking a cue from Raymond Williams, and recent efforts to revisit keywords by anthro{dendum} and Cultural Anthropology, this issue focuses on the ways in which feminism and feminists have taken up keywords to proliferate the range of theories and ideas that have shaped feminist anthropology and will continue to shape its futures. 

This issue will feature essays by Savannah Shange and Margot Weiss centering the keywords ‘abolition’ and ‘queer’. Other contributors are asked to identify a keyword with which they will engage, either illustrating the salience and potential of the keyword through original research articles, artistic works, or through genealogical approaches that go beyond the traditional review essay by deeply engaging with a concept. This may be achieved in a myriad of ways: drawing out the nuances, limitations, potentialities and genealogies of feminist keywords by refracting the keyword through an artifact, a site, a species, an interspecies interaction, an utterance, and/or ethnography. Contributors are encouraged to use feminist methods to engage the keywords, rather than simply producing a citational matrix. 

Contributors may propose their own keyword, or choose from among the examples below:

Aesthetics * Affect * Agency * Archaeology * Bioarchaeology * Blackness * Bodies * Carcerality * Care * Childhood * Communitas * Data * Ecologies * Everyday * Evolution * Genes * Grammar* Indigeneity *Infrastructure* Landscape * Law * Masculinities * Material Culture * Mothering * Nature * Place * Politics * Power * Primates * Publics * Race * Radical * Reproduction * Ritual * Space * State * Surveillance * Talk * Technology * Trans *Violence 

Submissions should be uploaded via the journal’s Scholar One portal by May 30, 2021. Questions and inquiries should be directed to the journal’s co-editors.

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