It is with a mixture of joy and sadness that AFA has published its final issue of Voices. Huge, warm congratulations are due to Samantha Gottlieb and Lavinia Nicolae!
We would also like to thank Janine McKenna at AAA who has been a powerful advocate in seeing this issue into the world. We also gratefully recognize the dedication of our former AFA president, Carla Freeman over her work in 2017 in regards to this final issue.
Here is a list of original articles published in this last issue:
A Politics of Haunting: College Sexual Assault and Academic Performance
Transforming the Campus Climate: Advancing Mixed‐Methods Research on the Social and Cultural Roots of Sexual Assault on a College Campus
Women and Engendering “Non‐Productive” Time
Doing Nothing: Gender, Respectability and Playing with Time
Idle Women, Bored Sex, and the Temporal Interventions of Population Control
“Work is just for Timepass”: Gendered Inversions of Productive and Non‐productive Time for Women Technology Workers in Bangalore
Time to Wait: Thoughts on the Gendering of Time in Public Prenatal Care
Please click the link below to access the full issue:
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