Manduhai Buyandelger studies female candidates’ experiences and strategies in running for Parliamentary seats in 2008 and 2012 in Mongolia. About 10%-12% of total candidates are usually women (out of 340 candidates on average). Women constituted 3% in 2008 and 11% during 2012 elections in Parliament with 76 seats. These pictures represent some of the instances and technologies of their campaigning. Although women have legal rights to vote and to run for offices at all levels, in actual life women face considerable bias against them. They often confront indifference, belittling, marginalization, and double standards by voters and by the leaders of their political parties.

At Her Campaign June 10 2008 685

At Her Campaign June 10 2008

redundancy of posters_0237

Redundancy of Posters

Technologies of Election_0269

Technologies of Election

Female candidate and her admirers_2008 (2)

Female candidate and her admirers 2008

saturation of campaign posters0277

Saturation of Campaign Posters

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