Join us in celebrating the release of

Twenty-Five Years of Feminist Anthropology: A History of the Association for Feminist Anthropology

the new AFA publication written in honor of
our section’s 25th anniversary!

download and read the full history by clicking here

With the AFA membership’s financial support, and Treasurer Sandy Faiman-Silva’s fundraising efforts, AFA and the AAA co-supported Rachel Nuzman as our summer intern to research and write our history. Under former AFA President Jane Henrici’s supervision, Rachel worked in Washington, D.C. in the AFA archives and the Howard Archives of the Association of Black Anthropologists. AFA President Ellen Lewin’s careful editing brought the project to completion. Through this partial history of AFA, feminist anthropologists will learn about the roots of their organization and discipline, the activism AFA has been a part of, and the future directions AFA members are moving toward. We encourage instructors to use this history of AFA in feminist anthropology classes, to enable students to understand how this AAA section has evolved and influenced feminist anthropology. We thank everyone involved who made this project possible. We hope you enjoy reading the AFA history!

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