Jane Henrici
Former AFA President

When asked, I agreed to run for the office of president of AFA in 2009 because I had enjoyed participating as an elected At-Large Executive Board member and because I was certain that I would not win. I was surprised by the outcome, happy with the support I received as I began my term as the president-elect, and frankly clueless about what all the presidency two years later would entail. Dorothy Hodgson, the president during those years, could not have been kinder; I have joked with Ellen Lewin, the current AFA President, that Dorothy was so calm, organized, and nice about everything that I entered the presidency somewhat underestimating the work that the job involved. At the same time, I confess, I also underestimated how gratifying and fun the experience would be.

The first time I joined the AFA Board, I did so because I felt I owed it to those whose past service had done so much to strengthen the presence of feminist anthropology across the discipline and beyond. The second time, I found I’d been given an opportunity through all of the interactions and activities in which the Board took part during 2009-2013 how much I actually still had to learn about the early years of AFA and its current global influence.

Getting that chance to learn, as well as to contribute to that history and effect, has been fantastic as well as fun. Joining the group of collegial, smart, enthusiastic, creative, and insightful people who step up to work with the AFA Board is something I would encourage everyone committed to feminist anthropology to do.

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