*Website **Junior Co-Manager  (2-year term starting at end of AAA Meting 2016-18)*

The position is a two year commitment, serving as the junior co-manager for one year, and the senior co-manager the second.  WordPress web design skills are a plus. The AFA Web Co-Managers are appointed members of the AFA Executive Board, working closely with the President and Secretary to bring the AFA?s internet presence to the next level. AFA Web Co-Managers are responsible for updating and maintaining the WordPress website, and for preparing a short annual report for the AFA Board. The ideal candidate would have the vision and skills to take the AFA website to the next level by increasing its visual appeal and developing the site as an outlet for blog posts and platform for intellectual exchange. They will serve as acting editor of online content or work with the board to ensure this oversight happens. The amount of work entailed is directly dependent on the junior co-manager?s availability, interest, and vision but total
time commitment should not exceed an average of 7-10 hours/month.

To apply for this position, we ask that you submit a current CV and short cover letter, highlighting your relevant experience for the role.  We
will forward all applications on to our board members for consideration. Please submit your documents to: [email protected] by October 15th.

If you have questions about the position, the current co-managers Caroline Williams & Beth Hallowell will be happy to answer them at
[email protected].

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