Childbirth is a women’s rights issue and a reproductive justice issue. The United States maternity system is one of the costliest in the developed world, yet our birth outcomes compare poorly to those of other industrialized nations. The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition (BoBB:CE) builds on the enormous success of Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein’s documentary, The Business of Being Born, to encourage students to question the current maternity system and expose them to the issues surrounding childbirth in the United States.

Childbirth is an issue most people do not engage with until they have experienced the maternal health system. The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition reaches out to young adults BEFORE they confront their own birth decisions, both placing the issue on the radar and challenging the prevailing assumptions about birth providers and current obstetrical management trends.  The goal is for the next generation of policy makers, practitioners, educators, and parents to approach birth decisions with awareness and confidence.  Our strategy is to incorporate this evidence-based presentation into classrooms around the country, empowering the next generation of women to seek out systemic change and new policies supporting domestic maternity care. 

The film, curriculum toolkit and more resources are available for as low as $24.99. If you know of a teacher, professor or library that does not have the Classroom Edition, make sure you get your copy today!

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-Clare Friedrich, LCCE
Program Manager
The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition
Choices in Childbirth
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