AFA At the 2018 AAAs

The AFA is excited about our programming at the upcoming AAA Conference in San Jose. Below is a complete list of what we’ve got going on.    (4-0645) Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA) Awards Ceremony and Business Meeting Friday 11/16/2018 – 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Location: San Jose Convention Center, MR 212 D Summary of events and accomplishments by […]

Announcing: Michelle Rosaldo Book Prize

The Association for Feminist Anthropology is pleased to announce the Michelle Z. Rosaldo Prize, a new honor in our field.  The prize will be awarded to a first book that draws on and makes a significant contribution to feminist anthropology.  Prizes will be awarded every two years, with the first to be presented at the 2015 American Anthropological Association meetings […]