I took an awesome women’s studies class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1982. It was “Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives” and was taught by Dr. Susan Millar, a cultural anthropologist who did work in Australia. It was my first anthropology course, and even though I graduated that semester with a BS in International Relations, I was hooked on feminist anthropology. The next year I went back […]

A Tribute to Helen Icken Safa

In Celebration of Helen Icken Safa Helen I Safa passed away November 4, 2013 just one month shy of her 83rd birthday. Safa was a congenial colleague, excellent mentor to other faculty, students, and staff and a consummate organizer and leader. Born and raised in New York, she had retired a mere 16 years prior to her passing, from University […]

Interviews with Past Award Recipients

Rachel Nuzman AAA/AFA Summer Intern  Starting in 2011, the Association for Feminist Anthropology began awarding a $2000 scholarship to one PhD candidate each year in support of the writing phase of the dissertation. This award is given to an anthropologist who is making a significant contribution to feminist anthropology through research. As part of the 2013 AAA/AFA Summer Internship Program, […]