AFA At the 2018 AAAs

The AFA is excited about our programming at the upcoming AAA Conference in San Jose. Below is a complete list of what we’ve got going on.    (4-0645) Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA) Awards Ceremony and Business Meeting Friday 11/16/2018 – 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Location: San Jose Convention Center, MR 212 D Summary of events and accomplishments by […] “The plight of religious minorities in the Middle East is often attributed to the failure of secularism to take root in the region. Religious Difference in a Secular Age: A Minority Report challenges this assessment by showing how modern secular governance has exacerbated religious tensions and inequalities rather than reduced them. Here, Saba Mahmood, building on the case of two […]

The editors of the AFA’s monthly Anthropology News Column, Emily DeWet and Mounia El Kotni are pleased to share with you Eliza Williamson’s essay “Whose responsability? Reproduction and Care in the time of Zika”. Congrats Eliza!  

On behalf of the American Anthropological Association, I am writing to urge you, in the strongest terms possible, to reconsider your decision not to renew appointments for Professors Carole Vance and Kim Hopper with Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Professor Vance is internationally recognized for her work in medical anthropology, sexuality studies, and science studies. In addition, her […]

Join us in celebrating the release of Twenty-Five Years of Feminist Anthropology: A History of the Association for Feminist Anthropology the new AFA publication written in honor of our section’s 25th anniversary! download and read the full history by clicking here With the AFA membership’s financial support, and Treasurer Sandy Faiman-Silva’s fundraising efforts, AFA and the AAA co-supported Rachel Nuzman […]

Ever since Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, I’ve thought a lot about sexuality, pop music, and the twerking phenomenon. I’ve also been more exposed to feminist thought and theory, so I feel like my response is well informed. Forming an opinion on this topic was tricky for me to do, as it crosses intersections of race, class, and gender. First, I […]

Jane Henrici Former AFA President When asked, I agreed to run for the office of president of AFA in 2009 because I had enjoyed participating as an elected At-Large Executive Board member and because I was certain that I would not win. I was surprised by the outcome, happy with the support I received as I began my term as […]

I took an awesome women’s studies class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1982. It was “Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives” and was taught by Dr. Susan Millar, a cultural anthropologist who did work in Australia. It was my first anthropology course, and even though I graduated that semester with a BS in International Relations, I was hooked on feminist anthropology. The next year I went back […]

A Tribute to Helen Icken Safa

In Celebration of Helen Icken Safa Helen I Safa passed away November 4, 2013 just one month shy of her 83rd birthday. Safa was a congenial colleague, excellent mentor to other faculty, students, and staff and a consummate organizer and leader. Born and raised in New York, she had retired a mere 16 years prior to her passing, from University […]

Interviews with Past Award Recipients

Rachel Nuzman AAA/AFA Summer Intern  Starting in 2011, the Association for Feminist Anthropology began awarding a $2000 scholarship to one PhD candidate each year in support of the writing phase of the dissertation. This award is given to an anthropologist who is making a significant contribution to feminist anthropology through research. As part of the 2013 AAA/AFA Summer Internship Program, […]