Marlene Zuk, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002 Reviewed by Mimi Saunders, University of California Irvine Zuk is a feminist behavioral biologist who writes to bridge the opposition between feminists and Darwinian biology. She is most successful when illustrating how feminist critiques have strengthened evolutionary biology. The volume is organized into eleven chapters, each of which treats a single myth […]

Fadéla Amara & Sylvia Zappi, University of California Press, 2006 Translated by Helen Harden Chenut Reviewed by Vanessa Agard-Jones, New York University On the evening of October 4 2002, a young Muslim woman lost her life. That night Sohane Benziane, a 17-year-old of Algerian descent living in the French suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine, was badly beaten, doused with an accelerant, and […]

Pamela Stone University of California Press, 2007 Reviewed by Kimberly Clum, Ph.D. On the recent cover of a best-selling U.S. women’s interest magazine, a headline queried: “Too busy to live?” Inside the magazine, the headline linked to a series of articles offering (as always, invariably “new”) tips promising to render various aspects of daily living less stressful and less burdensome […]

Marilyn Yalom & Laura L. Carstensen (eds.), California: University of California Press, 2002 Reviewed by Ida Fadzillah, Assistant Professor, Anthropology (Middle Tennessee State University) Inside the American Couple provides much-needed insight into the social construction of intimate partnering, or couplehood, in the United States. Yalom and Carstensen bring together a diverse set of articles that explore marriage in its various […]

Julie D. Shayne, Rutgers University Press, 2004 Reviewed by Monica Tarducci & Miranda Gonzalez Martin, Universidad de Buenos Aires The Revolution Question deals with the complex relations between feminist and revolutionary left movements in three Latin-American countries: Cuba, Chile and El Salvador. The results of Shayne’s research, based on formal interviews with leaders in revolutionary and feminist movements, participant observation, […]

Lynn Thomas, University of California Press, 2003 Reviewed by Parin Dossa, Association Professor of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University In Politics of the Womb, author Lynn M. Thomas shows how struggles over reproduction were crucial to colonial rule and nation building in early post colonial Kenya. She paints a detailed picture of the complex array of political struggles and positions […]