Inshah Malik Palgrave, 2019 Reviewed by Deepti Misri   One of the most moving achievements of Inshah Malik’s new book is its passionate documentation of several decades of Kashmiri women’s political participation, lovingly archived by Malik within the pages of this compelling first monograph. The book’s title lays out its argument: across five chapters, Malik carefully documents Kashmiri women’s political […]

Srimati Basu University of California Press, 2015, pp. 280 Reviewed by Debarati Sen   Srimati Basu’s monograph, The Trouble with Marriage, explores how discourses of marriage and marriage-related disputes govern the lives of women and men in postcolonial India. Through a multi-sited ethnography of courtroom dynamics, while attending to the minutia of related legal infrastructure, Basu presents a meticulous study […]

Rahat Kurd Talonbooks, 2015, pp.81 Reviewed by Niharika Pandit At the time of writing this review of the sublime poetry collection by Kashmiri-Canadian writer and poet Rahat Kurd, Kashmir Valley entered the eighteenth day of India’s August 5 military siege following the unilateral and unconstitutional revocation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. The Article, which many recognise as the […]

Radhika Govindarajan University of Chicago Press, 2018, 220 pp. Reviewed by Amit R. Baishya   Based on fieldwork conducted in Uttarakhand (North India), Radhika Govindarajan’s Animal Intimacies is a formidable entry in the burgeoning oeuvre of multispecies ethnography. At the core of the book is the concept of relatedness. Govindarajan writes that through relatedness, she attempts to “capture the myriad […]

Parasmita Singh New Delhi: Zubaan Publishers, 2017, 200 pp. Reviewed by Aneesa Mushtaq In this volume edited by graphic novelist Parismita Singh brings together twenty-one women who combine words and pictures to explore the theme of ‘work.’ There are narratives and expressions of hawkers, brewers, journalists, poets, homemaker, dung collectors, photo artists, fabric designers who focus on the creativity and work of […]

Candice Cornet and Tami Blumenfield, eds. Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2016, 336 pp. Reviewed by Indulata Prasad   Doing Fieldwork in China… with Kids! The Dynamics of Accompanied Fieldwork in the People’s Republic with Kids is a collection of articles by anthropologist-parents that foregrounds the productive tensions that accompanied fieldwork brings about in the process of anthropological knowledge production […]

Claire Snell-Rood Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2015, 273 pp. Reviewed by Kristin Skrabut   In this fine-grained and theoretically embedded ethnography, medical anthropologist Claire Snell-Rood delivers a detailed portrait of women’s efforts to endure the harsh realities of Delhi’s slums, while simultaneously cultivating resilient, and largely independent, moral-selves. Drawing on fourteen-months of intensive ethnographic research with ten families, […]

Lalaie Ameeriar Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2017, 224 pp. Reviewed by Anar Parikh In Downwardly Global, Lalaie Ameeriar examines Pakistani women’s economic and social mobility as immigrants in Canada. Unlike other ethnographies of women’s work that focus on their labor as domestic workers, nannies, or factory workers, Ameeriar’s interlocutors are women who were trained as professionals in Pakistan. Contrary […]

Gendered Entanglements: Revisiting Gender in Rapidly Changing Asia Ragnhild Lund, Philippe Doneys, and Bernadette P. Resurreccion, eds Copenhagen: Nordic Institute of Asia Studies Press, 2015, 336 pp. Reviewed by Alex Jong-Seok Lee The result of a study funded by the Research Council of Norway, Gendered Entanglements Revisiting Gender in Rapidly Changing Asia, aims to “revisit gender as a concept that […]

The Dashing Ladies of Shiv Sena

The Dashing Ladies of Shiv Sena Tarini Bedi Albany, NY:  SUNY Press, 2016, 318 pp. Reviewed by Whitney Russell   In The Dashing Ladies of Shiv Sena, Tarini Bedi offers a timely view into India’s Shiv Sena political party. Shiv Sena, a coalition partner with Narendra Modi’s current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, is typically viewed as right-wing, nationalist, extremist, […]