2018 Zora Neale Hurston Travel Awards

Each year, the AFA awards three scholars travel grants to attend the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Meetings. Since they began in 2002, these awards have been a way to honour the pioneering African American anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston, and facilitate scholars following in her footsteps in attending the meetings.

We are thrilled to announced this year’s winners, who will be presenting at the AAAs in San Jose, California this month. Our 2018 recipients are:


Elisha Oliver, PhD
University of Oklahoma

Elisha will be presenting her paper, “All Black Towns in Oklahoma: Forgotten Archaeologies, Ethnography, and Multi-racial/Multi-ethnic Identity” at a panel entitled, “Contemporary Archaeologies of Old Places: Material Politics Between Past and Future” on Thursday November 15th.


Aja Lans
Syracuse University

Aja organized and will participate in a roundtable entitled “Black Feminist Science,” sponsored by the Association of Black Anthropologists, on Friday, November 16th. Aja’s dissertation is entitled, “♀Negro: Embodied Experiences of Inequality in Historic New York City.”


Symone Johnson
University of Notre Dame

Symone will be presenting her paper, “I Need You to Survive: Meaning-Making and Mobilizing in Black American Spiritual Communities” at a panel entitled “Race, Remembering, Resilience” on Wednesday, November 14th.


Congratulations to our recipients. We look forward to seeing you at the AAAs!


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