2018 Senior Book Prize Honourable Mention

The Association for Feminist Anthropology is delighted to announce the Honorable Mention for the 2018 inaugural Senior Book Prize in Feminist Anthropology will be awarded to Veena Das, for her book, Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty (2015, Fordham University Press). Please join us at 12:15pm, on November 16 during the AAA annual meeting to celebrate Das’s book.  

Das’s book is a meditation on illness. She traces the small and large, but always intersecting forms of suffering that produce poor health outcomes among impoverished people, especially women, in urban India. She offers what only long-term, sensitive ethnography can provide, longitudinal evidence of what it feels like to be ill, to be invisible, and for one’s family to suffer alongside. How does medical practice address impoverishment and illness? How do states recognize these citizens? Affliction is a collection that could only exist after decades of fieldwork and thinking. The jury is proud to launch the new, biannual Senior Book Prize by awarding the Honorable Mention to this quiet, profound book.

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