2018 AFA Dissertation Award

The AFA is proud to announce Suyun Choi as the winner of our 2018 Dissertation Award, for her dissertation, “‘Going into Labor’: Gender, Migration, and Neoliberal Governance in South Korea,” advisor Carla Freeman (Emory University).

Choi examines “how governing forces and migrant women’s desires overlap and contest each other in the realms of work and intimacy” by investigating the “migratory journeys of Asian women who pursue South Korea’s migration opportunities, either through short-term labor contracts and/or marrying Korean men.” Her research contributes to bodies of work that explore labor, affect, migration, and (gendered) neoliberal governance, as well as important interventions in feminist anthropology. We are impressed with Suyun’s commitment to the field, and have no doubt her dissertation will eventually become a well read book.

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