The Association for Feminist Anthropology is delighted to announce the 2016 recipients of the Sylvia Forman Prize for Student Papers.  The committee selected two winners and two honorable mentions from an unusually high number of submissions this year. We take this as a wonderful sign of the health of our field, and are honored to reward the outstanding scholarship we considered.

The Association will celebrate their fine work and their faculty advisors’ mentorship at the AFA Business Meeting, 12pm, November 18, in Minneapolis.  Please join us!


Undergraduate paper

Photo of Brown

1) The Sylvia Forman Prize for outstanding undergraduate student paper will be awarded to Katherine Brown, for her paper “Re-learning Womanhood: A Gendered Analysis of German-Turkish Return Migrants in Istanbul,” advisor Arjun Guneratne (Macalester College).

Brown’s paper examines German Turkish female return migrants’ strategies to adjust to life in Istanbul. Using ethnographic data, it beautifually explores the roles identity, independence, and gender play in the ways these women interact with the world around them. Drawing on feminist literature, Brown proposes that in the face of contradictory expectations from German and Turkish societies, female return migrants must choose between remaining western foreigners in their ethnic homeland of Turkey or renouncing their German-instilled values to adopt a ‘traditional’ Turkish lifestyle. Ultimately, many German Turkish women adopt a hybrid identity, which allows them to embrace both German and Turkish values while maintaining their individuality.


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